How to get off the weight loss rollercoaster for good!

Fed up of yo-yo dieting? Finding yourself back in exactly the same place you were in 6 months after signing up for that gym membership? Pissed off at your personal trainer because THEY aren’t getting YOU the results that you expected? Before you say “F**k it” and settle down on the sofa with a tub of ice cream…

Is that what you really want? What if there is something else going on that we can help you with?

Let’s talk about some things that are really obvious, but very often overlooked when it comes to creating a lasting change in behaviour or mindset, specific to weight loss. Let’s address 6 crucial things that could be sabotaging your progress.

Number 1 : Some people say they want to change, but they have no real intention to.

Now that’s going to seem like a no-brainer, but is it really that simple? There is no legal requirement to be a certain weight. If you want to lose some weight for personal reasons, health reasons, for aesthetic purposes or any other driving force, that’s completely your choice. However, there has to be a real commitment from someone to make a real change in their life, not just a half-hearted minimal-effort job. If you REALLY want something, you’ll make it happen.

“I haven’t got the time” - (But I do however find the time to watch a box set of dvds every week and spends 9 hours a week in the local pub)
“There must be some gadget or supplement that can speed up the process!?” - (Yes I know this is session 2 after 23 years of neglecting myself but it’s hard!)
“I like the idea of this diet because if I don’t eat anything but tree bark and bee pollen for 4 days then I can eat 4 KFC family buckets to myself on Saturday night”
“It’s too expensive” - (And I’m not willing to take less than 2 all-inclusive holidays this year, I’m not THAT serious!)

So start by deciding how serious you really are about making that change.

Number 2: You need help finding your ‘WHY’

Undertaking any venture without a real purpose can be a fruitless exercise. If you have a powerful reason ‘WHY’ you are doing what you’re doing, then you can conjure up that image or that feeling whenever training gets tough, or motivation dwindles, or temptation strikes…

Do you have a clear and powerful ‘WHY’? If not, we can help you with that.

Number 3: You don’t have the knowledge you need to do it on your own.

Once you have your ‘WHY’, your driving force, you need to acquire the knowledge to implement that change and more importantly, to maintain that change!
With a vast amount of experience in elite sport and personal training, we see a huge, and very consistent issue within the personal training industry: Most personal trainers don’t give their clients the knowledge required to maintain their progress and press forward without them. They are too focused on client retention rather than really educating people. And you really do get what you pay for!

Do you know enough to continue making progress when your personal trainer isn’t around anymore?

Number 4: You’re not being realistic with your capabilities and targets.

Just as important as knowing your ‘WHY’, is having SMART goals set in line with where you are, and where you want to get to. Fancy coming over for dinner tomorrow night if I don’t tell you where I live?…. I doubt you fancy driving around for a month with no idea where you’re going or how to get there, do you?

So why are you hoping and praying to ‘lose weight’ without clear goals and a plan for how to achieve them?

Number 5: Your Routine and the 6 P’s

Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!

If you leave the house every morning without anything appropriate to eat or any quality fluids to drink, how easy do you think it becomes to fall off the wagon?
If you don’t apply the knowledge you’ve acquired when doing something like food shopping or going out for dinner, is it any wonder that the weight goes back on just as fast as it came off? Do your loved ones also know how important these goals are to you? Are your friends and family helping you move forward or pulling you back?

Do you have your strategies and a plan in place to take control of your environment and make sure you stay on the right track?

Number 6: Your training schedule is really, really BORING!

5km run on the treadmill… 300 squatjumps… 60 pull ups… 2000m row… Zzzzzzz

Sorry what!? No thanks.

I’m not sure how many people on his planet would get excited by that to be honest. If you don’t find some hobbies and exercises and activities that excite you and get your ass off the sofa then how does anyone expect to really make a lasting change to their lifestyle, nutrition and exercise regime?

If you are tired of the same old results and you’re ready to make a big commitment and a big shift in your life for the better, then get in touch. With our bespoke services, not only can we help you make a fresh start, but we can give you the knowledge and guidance you need to make a lasting change and offer solutions to remove all those pesky limiting beliefs and avoid the banana skins along the way.

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Ed Smith