Where can you find Us?

We know that life isn't always simple, and as a result we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to the availability of our services.

With clinic rooms available in Harley Street, London and Bristol, we aim to provide flexibility where others can't. Want to have a session at 6am? or Midnight? That can be arranged. Seriously. And depending on the nature of the services required, home visits can also be negotiated. As one of our clients, you may notice that due to the unique nature of our services, sometimes you might find yourself in other environments than our clinic rooms. Change doesn't just happen in a chair in someone's office, you know....  

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Harley Street, London

Clients in London can make appointments to see us at our clinic rooms on the world famous Harley Street. Although a lot of our sessions will be conducted in other environments, our Harley Street sessions certainly have that something special about them.  Get in touch if you are serious about taking that next step.


The ideas and concept for NEWRO were founded in Bristol and the vibrant city has a special place in our hearts. With so many options for different settings for our sessions, Bristol has a lot to offer our clients. 

Anywhere really.

As mentioned before, an unusual environment is sometimes appropriate for some of our sessions. From home visits, to sessions out in nature, or anywhere else - we welcome all challenges and aim to be flexible to fit your needs.