What we offer

NEWRO offers clients a unique opportunity to access an experience unlike any other on the market today. Using strategies and techniques from Hypnotherapy and NLP, to World Class Personal Training, Lifestyle Support and Nutrition, we will help you to transform your mind and body in a way you never imagined. With tailor made packages to suit your needs, we can help transform your Relationships, Lifestyle, Mind, Physique, Career and much more.

If you are intrigued about Hypnotherapy and would like to know more, take a look at our About page for answers to your questions and more information.

Remember to head over to our Inspiration page to find out more about our philosophy, strategies and approach. If you feel that it resonates with you and you are ready to commit to an investment in yourself, then get in touch for a Free Consultation.

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1-1 Sessions

At NEWRO we tend to stay away from a 'by the hour' approach as experience shows us that life doesn’t always work that way. We also see little value for money for our clients when restricted by a limited amount of time to address a problem.  

Of course some other sessions may well be offered on an hourly basis if required, or to fit around your schedule where it is more convenient for you.

Hourly sessions also provide a welcome introduction to those who are wanting to see if NEWRO is a good fit for them before committing to our 90 Day Transformation or Breakthrough Sessions for example.

We can discuss your needs and the options available during your consultation call. Our services are completely bespoke and our belief is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that gets the same results.

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions are a unique and very powerful way to overcome barriers & conflicts that are holding you back from having the life you want.

If you are struggling with the same cycles and outcomes in your life, or you have hit a block in the road with your progress or rehabilitation, then a Breakthrough Session is what you need.

These sessions are unique, challenging and they get really powerful results.

Breakthrough sessions will typically last around 3 hours, but have no fixed time restrictions. We will normally allocate between 3-4 hours as a ballpark timescale for the session.

Breakthrough sessions offer a really life changing experience and great value for money with so much face to face time with your Coach.

90 Day Transformation

Can you imagine having your own dedicated personal trainer helping you to transform your body, diet and lifestyle around your schedule?

What if, at the same time, you could have your own personal coach and hypnotherapist to help you boost your confidence and address all your limiting beliefs & challenges along the way?

And what if you could have targeted sessions with that coach to work on your business, your relationships and anything else in your life you want to address?   

Sound too good to be true?....

Well it's not. For a very limited number of clients who are ready to transform their lives completely & are willing to make a real investment in themselves, we can put together a 90 day program that will change your life forever!